Nontoxic Ant Killer and Safe Natural Ways To Get Rid of Ants

Ants can be a cause of different diseases and illnesses since they carry bacteria and then spread them around your house. They contaminate the surfaces and food items they touch, leaving them undesirable and, frankly, unhealthy. Using ant control products containing harsh and dangerous chemicals around your family and pets will always raise concerns and finding a safe and effective nontoxic ant killer can seem like a difficult task but it’s not. Cleaning is the most effective and nontoxic way to get rid of ants that are on the hunt for food scraps, open garbage cans, dirty dishes and food not properly sealed. So, first and foremost, you should find a way to keep your house clean.  The next best way to get rid of ants is one of the easiest.  By using commercial ant spray or ant traps.   However, you should know that these sprays are not only dangerous to the ants but also dangerous for humans and pets alike. Using an ant spray will only act as a deterrent and will eliminate them for a specific period of time and is not a permanent solution.  If you’re concerned about the chemicals in ant spray or ant traps, it is important to find an effective nontoxic ant killer safe for kids and pets. Here we will discuss tips that you can use to get a permanent solution of the ants. These tips or methods are also not dangerous for human health or for your pets. Following are the tips for nontoxic and safe ant control in your home.

Trace the Source of Ants

When you see ants in your home, follow them to the source. Once you locate their entrance, you should try to seal it. You can use fillers or cement to block the small openings. You can also apply weather-stripping under doors.  Since prevention is the best way to get rid of ants, here is  a list of ways to ensure you prevent ants and ant proof  your home.

Prevent Ants by Remove Sources of Ant Attraction

Ants are not wandering around just for fun. They follow what they smell and you should remove all those sources of attraction. You should try to keep your kitchen clean and do not leave garbage around. You should make sure that all the food items are well covered, including the pet food. Food items need to be in airtight containers.  Here are the best airtight and Ant Proof Food Storage Containers. This will ensure  there is no chance of ants getting into your food..  Pet food is another primary attractant for  ants. Pet food should also be kept in air tight and should be fed to your pet in an ant proof bowl.  Here is a list of recommendations for the Best Ant Proof Foot Storage Containers and Ant Free Pet Bowls .  The other most common source for ants is garbage.  Finding the right garbage cans for your home or your garage is key when trying to keep ants out of your house.  Here are the top recommendation for garbage cans which is the SimpleHuman Stainless Steal Trash Can.

Natural and Nontoxic Ant Spray and Repellent Products

There are also ant killing products that are safe for kids and pets. You can use these to control the nuisance of ants in your home. These are made with environmental friendly materials thus, they are safe to use.  The Eco Defense Organic Home Pest Control Spray is our top pick for a safe nontoxic ant killer. For this spray, simply follow the simple step by step directions provided on the bottle. For other options we have a entire area for the best natural and nontoxic products to get rid of ants.

Natural and Nontoxic Way to Kill Ants

A great natural and nontoxic ant killer is diatomaceous earth.  This is a white powder made from fossilized microscopic-algae that kills ants and other pests once in contact with the outer exoskeleton of the ant.  It is a pet safe ant killer and not harmful to humans.  This is one of the most effective ways to kill ants safely around your pets and family.  You can find more details on Diatomaceous Earth the Natural Ant Killer by clicking this link.  It’s as easy to use because you just sprinkle it on the areas you want to keep ants away from.  You can purchase food grade diatomaceous earth.

Use Natural Nontoxic Ant Spray

If ants are entering your home through door cracks or windows that cannot be sealed, you should try to pour a line of natural ant repellent. Ants will not cross over the line.  A great natural repellent is vinegar.  Being that vinegar is a common household item and safe for pets and humans, this is a perfect way to deter and kill ants naturally.  Find out how to create Homemade Natural Vinegar Ant Spray here.  Another natural nontoxic remedy is t0 squeeze the juice of a lemon at the entry spot and leave the peel there. Ants are not attracted to citrus fragrances, thus leaving the ants disinterested in what is on the other side of the lemon juice.

Natural and Nontoxic Ant Traps and Ant Bait

Baking soda ant traps are a great nontoxic ant killer that can replace  the need for commercial ant bait traps.  Ants are not naturally attracted to baking soda so you will have to mix it with proper bait.  Once the ant consumes the baking soda it will react with the digestive acids.  This reaction is similar to mixing baking soda and vinegar, making the ants explode.  For more on this, see our step by step guide on how to create your own homemade ant traps from baking soda.



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